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Robbie loves old cemeteries, and he loves playgrounds.  So little could be better than finding both in the same place.  Slides, climbing walls, bouncing bridges, and Revolutionary War soldiers – very nice!

jacksons with cemetery


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This weekend, we decided to drive up to Cape Neddick, Maine to check out the holiday bazaar and open house at the Center for Wildlife, and Mt Agamenticus State Park which is just down the road from the Center.

At the Center for Wildlife, we saw a hawk, peregrine falcon, possum, and several owls (including the Northern Saw-Whet – by far the most adorable owl we have ever seen!!).

After hanging out with the birds for a while, we drove up Mt Agamenticus and discovered a lovely view – and also a whipping cold wind which sent us back to our car in a hurry.  We’ll be returning to the park in the Spring when it’s warmer and we can do more exploring!

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After plenty of days of rain, the sun and blue sky came back today!!  We enjoyed being outside in the beautiful weather, and we also had fun…

  • Creating a baseball post-season bracket chart and predicting winners of each post-season game
  • Playing Mario Kart, Pokemon Rumble, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
  • Going out for pizza and garlic knots for lunch
  • Going out to Jenness Beach for a picnic dinner and to watch the seagulls march along the edge of the water
  • Watching Star Trek Next Generation: “What is a constitutional oligarchy???”

Our baseball prediction chart

Seagull marching on Jenness Beach

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A few highlights of a quiet day…

  • Watching Invader Zim, Star Trek Next Generation on Netflix (“What is a sector?”)
  • Pokemon Rumble, Plants vs. Zombies, Fruit Ninja, Scribblenauts
  • Playing Pokemon card flicking game, Game of Life
  • Reading online about significant winter storms being named, starting this year
  • To store to buy new tin of Pokemon cards then to Jenness Beach to watch the surfers for a bit
  • Upon seeing a commercial for a new TV show:  “You know, I just don’t trust Nickelodeon – they’re always saying something is going to be the best show ever, and usually it isn’t!”
  • Yankees vs. Boston game on TV
  • Robert wanted to show Robbie something in the other room…

Robert: “Robbie!!! Come here, quickly!!!”

Robbie, on his way from the other room: “Why?? Are there ninjas to fight???”

But no, alas, there were no ninjas… <g>

lighthouse off one of our favorite beaches

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Happy October!  There was a break in the rain today, so we headed out to Pawtuckaway State Park to play and explore.  The leaves are starting to change color, so the trees were beautiful – we had fun taking photos of the trees, watching a small flock of ducks play and splash in the water, tracking bird footprints along the lake, playing on the playground, looking for moose (didn’t find any, but we did see some beaver dams in the wetland areas!), and being outside after so many days spent indoors waiting for the rain to stop <g>.

In addition to our trip to Pawtuckaway we also enjoyed…

  • Playing Fruit Ninja, Pokemon Black, and Mario Kart
  • Playing Uno, Game of Life, Pokemon card-flicking game
  • Playing with plastic skulls and skeletons (Halloween decorations)
  • Stopping at the store to buy more Halloween decorations (rats, spiders, eyeballs, another skull… Robbie says “our house is going to be the SCARIEST ONE this year!!!”
  • Looking at email photos of our friend’s litter of puppies, now 3 weeks old and eating their first food (mush)
  • Watching Invader Zim and Star Trek Next Generation on Netflix

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  • Researching Paper Mario “flopside pit of 100 trials” online to see what happens when you get through to the end
  • Tetris, Pokemon Rumble, Mario Kart Wii
  • Star Wars battles with figures and toy ships
  • Reading more Mysterious Benedict Society
  • Drawing line-designs on posterboard and a panda with SF (small feet) on the dry erase board
  • Looking through catalogs of decorations to plan for “super spooky Halloween decorating”
  • Trip to town library to get Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire book
  • Reading some of the Haunted Hikes book led to talking about aliens and UFOs (per Chapter 4) and whether aliens really exist (Robbie says “no they don’t!!!”) and the International Space Station and whether Mars might be able to support life.  Then we looked up the UFO abduction story of the NH couple who said they were abducted in the 1960s, and we discovered that there’s a Historical Marker at the abduction site – so we added that to our list of things to go see.  Robbie said “Will the aliens be waiting for us when we get there?  I don’t THINK so!!
  • Out to New Castle Commons to walk on the rocks at low tide
  • Stop by Portsmouth North Cemetery, where we saw the grave of someone who signed the Declaration of Independence (William Whipple)
  • We use the IMDb website to help decide which movies sound fun to watch and which are move violent or gorey than Robbie might enjoy (we look at the site together, and he uses the information there to decide for himself what he’s comfortable with).  While reading about the Star Trek movie we got from Netflix, to see if we wanted to watch it this evening, I came across some information I thought Robbie might want to know.

Me:  “There’s a scene where a creature eats another creature.”

Rb: “Why is that at all disturbing?  Life cycle – hello??”

  • Watching Star Trek (2009): “I’m not sure if that’s the best Star Trek movie ever or the worst… but I think I liked it!”

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Today we headed to Vermont, to see where Calvin Coolidge is buried.  It was a beautiful day for a drive, and we saw Fall color on the leaves in Vermont, as well as a lovely old cemetery on a hillside that was a wonderful resting place for Presidents and non-Presidents alike <grin>.

As we explored the cemetery, Robbie (who has been having lots of fun playing with words lately!) looked at me and with a very serious voice said, “Mom, if there’s one thing I’ve noticed about cemeteries, they’re not very LIVELY!!”  He does crack me up!

At the Notch Cemetery in Plymouth, Vermont we found Coolidge’s grave as well as that of his wife and four generations of his family.  We marveled at how many graves were on hilltops that were eroding, and we noticed on some hills, the gravestones were falling in all different directions!  We found some other old and interesting headstones, though none as old as those we’ve seen in New Hampshire.

While in Vermont, we also stopped to see the house where Calvin Coolidge was born, which also happens to be where he was vacationing when he found out he needed to step up from being Vice President to President, when Warren Harding died “unexpectedly” – and it’s the same house where his own father (a local town official) swore him into the presidential office.  Other stops included seeing the model railroad and other toys at the Vermont Toy Museum, checking out Quechee Gorge, and shopping at the Woodstock Farmer’s Market.

It was a fun day filled with exploring and history and beautiful scenery!  And when we arrived home, we were excited that our recent Lego order had arrived via UPS to the house while we were gone – along with a box of toys from Robert’s cousin, who wanted to pass some of Robert’s childhood Star Wars toys along to Robbie now that his own children (who had the toys when they were little) are older.  Robbie is already enjoying them very much, “because they were Ga’s AND because they are SUPER cool!!!”

Photos from Vermont:

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