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A couple years ago, we got a Klutz set of castle cards for Christmas.  Robbie played with them once or twice and then they were lost in the shuffle of toys and games that are all around.  I came across them last week when I was cleaning up for Thanksgiving, and put them in a basket on the coffee table.  Sure enough, they proved irresistible!


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This morning I was sitting in the sunroom and I heard Robbie shout, “MOM!!!  I think there’s a dried out cactus in the living room!”

Having no clue what he was talking about and not remembering owning a cactus that could have therefore dried out <g> I headed for the living room.

Sure enough he was right.  In a corner of the living room, I had left a rainstick that my father had brought back long ago from a trip to Chile.  I found it in a closet the other day when I was cleaning, and I put it out to see if anyone would notice it.  And someone did!  And a rainstick is indeed a dried out cactus, the needles of which have been pushed in so they make a sort of sound-ladder for tiny pebbles to fall down and around.  The pebbles make a lovely musical sound as they fall.

rainstick that made its way to New Hampshire, via Chile

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