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Just like with writing, reading that happens for a reason is the best sort of reading there is…


Pokemon's Burning Questions - Game Informer magazine

Pokemon’s Burning Questions – Game Informer magazine


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Today we visited the Robert Frost Farm in Derry, NH and the Taylor Up and Down Sawmill, also in Derry.  Read about those adventures here.  We also enjoyed:

  • Playing Tower Madness (Endless) and reaching personal goal of 1.000 waves: “I can’t even see my cannons because of the giant explosions they’re making.  I am SO awesome!!”
  • Looking at Frozen Moments (Alaska) blog together for photos of wood bison, bear, moose, stone sheep- which led to Googling more photos of the “Ovis Dalli” (stone sheep) and of the Al-Can highway.  Then we looked up winter-time photos of the village at Point Hope, Alaska, and Robbie was happy to see that, “YEP it’s like the Southern Water Tribe [from the Avatar series] – it’s a giant block of ice!!”   Then he wondered when we read about 84 degree below zero windchill in Point Hope, “I wonder if during your 5 minutes outside before you get frostbite if you stick your finger in the frozen sea if it instantly becomes a frozen block of ice too!”
  • Looking at photo online of ice-diving in the Arctic Circle (sun shining green thru the ice) – and when I referred to the “frozen ice” Robbie giggled and said happily, “Frozen ice?  You might want to take out the frozen, Mom.  It’s kind of implied that ice is frozen…”
  • Playing with Star Wars Mini-pods
  • Reading more of the Mysterious Benedict Society” upon which Robbie, upon trying to process some of the very long and complex story in the book, said, “I needed to dispose  of some of the older information to get the newer information in – except then I needed the older information again – so I had to put the older information back in my head so I could understand the newer information… and on and on!!”
  • Playing with Hot Wheels cars
  • Cyberchase on TV
  • Tetris: “Ga lost – I didn’t necessarily beat him – but he lost…”
  • Watching online video of bulldog jumping joyously on trampoline: “boy that’s one HOPPY dog!!”
  • Pokemon Coliseum
  • Minecraft on iPad:  “Would you like to see Pig Land?   The only unfortunate thing is I don’t have any pigs yet…”
  • Mario Party 2 on the Wii

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