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Just like with writing, reading that happens for a reason is the best sort of reading there is…


Pokemon's Burning Questions - Game Informer magazine

Pokemon’s Burning Questions – Game Informer magazine


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The rain we’ve been having a whole ton of lately returned yesterday, and it continued to pour down most of today, so we have continued to do lots of playing and games and reading and talking and such, all indoors so we don’t get soggy <g>.  Some highlights of our day…

  • Playing with and sorting through new Pokemon cards
  • Playing with plastic spiders, skulls, eyeballs, scorpions, and other Halloween decorations
  • Robbie making up Halloween jokes – such as

“Who is a skeleton’s favorite star trek character?  BONES!!”

“Where do spiders shop for Legos?  On the WEB!!”

  • Pokemon Rumble, Mario Party, and Mario Kart Wii, Tertris
  • Cyberchase and Yankees vs. Boston on TV
  • Playing with Legos (building and battling with Lego guys)
  • Visiting with Gram who came to stay overnight
  • Watching the Presidential Debate:  “Mom is Mitt Romney REALLY anti-Big Bird????” <g>

“This guy has a lot of claw meat – he’s kind of like the lobster of Pokemon!”

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A few highlights of a quiet day…

  • Watching Invader Zim, Star Trek Next Generation on Netflix (“What is a sector?”)
  • Pokemon Rumble, Plants vs. Zombies, Fruit Ninja, Scribblenauts
  • Playing Pokemon card flicking game, Game of Life
  • Reading online about significant winter storms being named, starting this year
  • To store to buy new tin of Pokemon cards then to Jenness Beach to watch the surfers for a bit
  • Upon seeing a commercial for a new TV show:  “You know, I just don’t trust Nickelodeon – they’re always saying something is going to be the best show ever, and usually it isn’t!”
  • Yankees vs. Boston game on TV
  • Robert wanted to show Robbie something in the other room…

Robert: “Robbie!!! Come here, quickly!!!”

Robbie, on his way from the other room: “Why?? Are there ninjas to fight???”

But no, alas, there were no ninjas… <g>

lighthouse off one of our favorite beaches

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