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The SketchTime app – I do highly recommend it <g>.

Robbie enjoys using it to make black and white drawings – but now his fun with Mario has gone color!

mario in color


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Just like with writing, reading that happens for a reason is the best sort of reading there is…


Pokemon's Burning Questions - Game Informer magazine

Pokemon’s Burning Questions – Game Informer magazine

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Robbie has been really into watching Star Trek Next Generation the past several weeks (thank goodness for Netflix, where the whole series is available for streaming!).

He has been making up Star Trek jokes, making Star Trek ships and games out of Legos, and was thrilled when we found an older Star Trek Wii game (Star Trek Conquest) at GameStop.  We watched Trekkies and Trekkies 2 this weekend, and he has decided he is definitely a Trekker-in-the-making, not a Trekkie .

This morning, while playing Conquest, he was inspired to get out a posterboard and marker, and draw out the galaxy so he can use it later to make up another game.

His interest in Star Trek has led to all sorts of interesting conversations.  The other day, he wondered out loud why, if the Enterprise is supposed to be on a mission of peace and exploration, the ship is armed.  He said that he was pretty sure the only way the Romulans would believe that the Federation wants to make friends, would be if the Enterprise got rid of its torpedoes.

He has also been talking and reading about black holes, wormholes, time travel, lasers, phasers, and how to speak Klingon.  Such fun!

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After plenty of days of rain, the sun and blue sky came back today!!  We enjoyed being outside in the beautiful weather, and we also had fun…

  • Creating a baseball post-season bracket chart and predicting winners of each post-season game
  • Playing Mario Kart, Pokemon Rumble, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
  • Going out for pizza and garlic knots for lunch
  • Going out to Jenness Beach for a picnic dinner and to watch the seagulls march along the edge of the water
  • Watching Star Trek Next Generation: “What is a constitutional oligarchy???”

Our baseball prediction chart

Seagull marching on Jenness Beach

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The rain we’ve been having a whole ton of lately returned yesterday, and it continued to pour down most of today, so we have continued to do lots of playing and games and reading and talking and such, all indoors so we don’t get soggy <g>.  Some highlights of our day…

  • Playing with and sorting through new Pokemon cards
  • Playing with plastic spiders, skulls, eyeballs, scorpions, and other Halloween decorations
  • Robbie making up Halloween jokes – such as

“Who is a skeleton’s favorite star trek character?  BONES!!”

“Where do spiders shop for Legos?  On the WEB!!”

  • Pokemon Rumble, Mario Party, and Mario Kart Wii, Tertris
  • Cyberchase and Yankees vs. Boston on TV
  • Playing with Legos (building and battling with Lego guys)
  • Visiting with Gram who came to stay overnight
  • Watching the Presidential Debate:  “Mom is Mitt Romney REALLY anti-Big Bird????” <g>

“This guy has a lot of claw meat – he’s kind of like the lobster of Pokemon!”

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Happy October!  There was a break in the rain today, so we headed out to Pawtuckaway State Park to play and explore.  The leaves are starting to change color, so the trees were beautiful – we had fun taking photos of the trees, watching a small flock of ducks play and splash in the water, tracking bird footprints along the lake, playing on the playground, looking for moose (didn’t find any, but we did see some beaver dams in the wetland areas!), and being outside after so many days spent indoors waiting for the rain to stop <g>.

In addition to our trip to Pawtuckaway we also enjoyed…

  • Playing Fruit Ninja, Pokemon Black, and Mario Kart
  • Playing Uno, Game of Life, Pokemon card-flicking game
  • Playing with plastic skulls and skeletons (Halloween decorations)
  • Stopping at the store to buy more Halloween decorations (rats, spiders, eyeballs, another skull… Robbie says “our house is going to be the SCARIEST ONE this year!!!”
  • Looking at email photos of our friend’s litter of puppies, now 3 weeks old and eating their first food (mush)
  • Watching Invader Zim and Star Trek Next Generation on Netflix

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It’s been a rainy and cool bunch of days, so we’ve been mostly inside enjoying board games, video games, movies, Star Trek, books, and such.  Some highlights…

  • Finished Mysterious Benedict Society book one, then purchased and started book two of the series
  • Reflecting on playing Life upon getting out of bed in the morning: “Hey if you put the maximum allowed in spin to win, which is $50,000 and you win, you get $500,000 right since that’s 10 times $50,000?”
  • Playing Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Plants vs. Zombies, Pocket God on the iPad and iPod
  • Playing with Star Wars figures and ships, Star Wars Legos, Hero Factory guys, Zoob blocks
  • Out to get a haircut for Robbie: “Am I the only person who can’t stop smiling after I get a haircut?  It just feels so HAPPY!”
  • Tetris, Mario Party, Mario Kart, Pokemon Rumble on the Wii
  • Game of Life, Pokemon card-flicking game, Ricochet Robots
  • Star Trek Next Generations episodes on Netflix
    • “Ok so basically the only difference between the Romulans and the Vulcans is that the Romulans have intense feelings and the Vulcans do not?”
    • Researching the Ferengi after wondering about why they are so sneaky and so obsessed with money – and discovering that they are something of a caricature of capitalism at its extreme
    • “Who is Sherlock Holmes?”
  • Reading about world record pumpkin that was brought to the Deerfield Fair and weighed in at 1843.5lbs
  • Reading about the Great New England Vampire Panic
  • Shopping for “spooky NOT cute and happy” Halloween decorations and playing with the skeletons and skulls we still have from last year
  • Reading online and looking at photos of the Titanoboa (the largest snake ever to have lived – big enough to eat a crocodile) – “Ok here’s the food chain:  Crocodile eats person.  Titanoboa eats EVERYTHING!!!”
  • Invader Zim on Netflix – Restaurant Stakeout, Storage Wars Texas, and Shipping Wars on TV

Portsmouth Naval Prison – one of the most interesting buildings in NH

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