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This weekend, we decided to drive up to Cape Neddick, Maine to check out the holiday bazaar and open house at the Center for Wildlife, and Mt Agamenticus State Park which is just down the road from the Center.

At the Center for Wildlife, we saw a hawk, peregrine falcon, possum, and several owls (including the Northern Saw-Whet – by far the most adorable owl we have ever seen!!).

After hanging out with the birds for a while, we drove up Mt Agamenticus and discovered a lovely view – and also a whipping cold wind which sent us back to our car in a hurry.  We’ll be returning to the park in the Spring when it’s warmer and we can do more exploring!


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Today we headed out to Jenness Farm for their Fall Open House.  We enjoyed seeing chickens, turkeys, goats, and the world’s most adorable potbellied pig wandering around while we munched apple cider donuts and sampled goats milk fudge.

Robbie loves fowl of all sorts, so while he hung out with the goats for a bit, he was mostly interested in the turkeys, who in turn were quite interested in him.  Beautiful birds and a happy child, all on a beautiful day – life is good <g>.

Royal Palm Turkey and an adorable goat

“hello, goat!”

“since chickens can’t make pumpkin pies, they eat their pumpkins this way!”

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Puppy Socializing

We have an elderly friend who raises and occasionally breeds Tibetan Terriers.  We met her when Robbie was little, and he’s been the Official Puppy Socializer of each litter she’s had since we’ve known her.  He is the first child the puppies meet – and he loves them, snuggles them, plays with them, holds them, talks and occasionally sings to them, and chases them around the house and then (when they’re old enough to go outside) the yard.

He also watches them grow and change, helps monitor and sometimes chart their weights – and he has learned much about dog breeding, genetics, health issues, show standards, and such over the years by talking with our friend and listening to her stories.  Most of all he loves going over when the pups are just 3 or 4 weeks old, starting to walk cautiously around, and mostly still napping in any lap they can climb themselves into.  I admit that’s my favorite part too – there’s something about snuggly very young puppies that’s just about the most peaceful thing ever.

pups, almost 5 weeks old and full of love and fun

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  • Pokemon Black
  • Tower Madness on iPad
  • Reading online about the Leatherback sea turtle rescued by New England Aquarium and released back to the sea with the help of one of our friends (who’s involved with the Rescue program)
  • To a local farm in search of Brussels sprouts and to Portsmouth Farmer’s Market in search of pork tenderloin and such
  • Playing with Star Wars minis
  • Mario Kart, Tetris, Mario All Stars on Wii
  • “Wait a minute – Mario and Luigi are plumbers??  Then why can’t they swim in all the games?  Plumbers should know how to swim so they don’t sink to the bottom of the sea.  Get it??  I made a joke.  SINK because they’re PLUMBERS!!!!”
  • When it took hours to delete thousands of old emails from the iPad “Mom I think you’re in Survival Endless email” (aka Plants vs. Zombies style email-deletion) –
  • Creating and playing Pokemon chess
  • In anticipation of watching Star Trek Nemesis on DVD (said with great excitement):  “Let’s start it at 8:00, not 7:00, so it goes later – because if I’m gonna have nightmares from Star Trek they might as well be completely FREAKISH nightmares!!!”
  • While watching Nemesis- “Who are Romulus and Remus anyway – are they enemies like the Romulans and the Remans in the movie?” and then Googling the creation myth of Rome.

Highland Cattle at a farm near where we live

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