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Robbie has been really into watching Star Trek Next Generation the past several weeks (thank goodness for Netflix, where the whole series is available for streaming!).

He has been making up Star Trek jokes, making Star Trek ships and games out of Legos, and was thrilled when we found an older Star Trek Wii game (Star Trek Conquest) at GameStop.  We watched Trekkies and Trekkies 2 this weekend, and he has decided he is definitely a Trekker-in-the-making, not a Trekkie .

This morning, while playing Conquest, he was inspired to get out a posterboard and marker, and draw out the galaxy so he can use it later to make up another game.

His interest in Star Trek has led to all sorts of interesting conversations.  The other day, he wondered out loud why, if the Enterprise is supposed to be on a mission of peace and exploration, the ship is armed.  He said that he was pretty sure the only way the Romulans would believe that the Federation wants to make friends, would be if the Enterprise got rid of its torpedoes.

He has also been talking and reading about black holes, wormholes, time travel, lasers, phasers, and how to speak Klingon.  Such fun!


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